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Beautiful Chocolate Yorkies

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Chocolate Yorkie Breed History

The Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier (also referred to as Chocolate Yorkie, Red Yorkshire Terrier or Red Yorkie, and Brown Yorkshire Terrier or Brown Yorkie) is a Yorkshire Terrier carrying a double recessive gene for a red or brown coat. The result is a Yorkshire Terrier whose color and coat is a break from the traditional Yorkshire Terrier colors. The gene at it's best will result in brown or liver pigmentation of the eye rims, nose and paw pads. Yorkie puppies generally are born with a black coat, but Yorkies having the double recessive gene for a brown coat are a lighter color at birth being a red or brown color.
The American Kennel Club has many colors on the list as acceptable for a Yorkie, which means that some different color Yorkies may be registered.

There is controversy among Yorkshire Terrier breeders concerning the accepted color of these wonderful little dogs. We encourage you to do your research and come to a conclusion on your own. If you decide that you just cannot live without more chocolate in your life then let us put some more there! You can nibble on the neck of these little morsels of chocolate and never gain an ounce!

We love our Chocolate Yorkies!

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"We are a small Yorkshire Terrier show kennel that offers occasional yorkie puppies. They are well bred, well socialized, well kept and healthy. We give a six month genetic guarantee and a lifetime of support."

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